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Music with Theordore Scott-Femenella
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Location: Room 24 Contact: Jodie Stueve
Start Time: 3:30 PM End Time: 4:30 PM

This Just Dream Arts Academy class is for students who want to learn how to play musical instruments. Not only will students learn to play an instrument, but students will learn about the history of the instrument they are playing and its purpose in music. Students will create music as a representation of their culture. They will look at how modern musical artists are creating their own messages in their music. Students will analyze the kind of messages they are expressing. Students will begin to develop a purpose for the music they create, and they will have fun.


Arts Academy give you a chance to work with professional artists and performers in the art form of your choice. Classes held daily during club time. Choose only 1 class or all the classes, it’s your choice and your time. It’s your time to become a creator!
 Each class held 1 day a week. Classes offered Monday through Thursday.
 Classes last 1 hour, after school dismisses.
 The class is free but only available for RTJHS students.
 Once you sign up for a class, being there is important. If you don’t attend 3 consecutive classes you will be dropped from
the program.