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Hip Hop Dance with Tee Sandifer
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Posted by: J. Murray (Admin)
Location: Fitness Center Contact: Jodie Stueve
Start Time: 1:30 PM End Time: 2:30 PM

In this Just Dream Arts Academy class, students will learn the elements of hip-hop dance and how to express themselves through movement. Miss Tee is excellent at teaching dance as a way for students to learn confidence in themselves. Students will learn to
use dance as a way to demonstrate understanding and learning. Students will build confidence and have a great time dancing in this class.


Arts Academy give you a chance to work with professional artists and performers in the art form of your choice. Classes held daily during club time. Choose only 1 class or all the classes, it’s your choice and your time. It’s your time to become a creator!
 Each class held 1 day a week. Classes offered Monday through Thursday.
 Classes last 1 hour, after school dismisses.
 The class is free but only available for RTJHS students.
 Once you sign up for a class, being there is important. If you don’t attend 3 consecutive classes you will be dropped from
the program.