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Elections 2016

Election 2016 Results



  • Aaliyah Goodwin

Vice President, 6th Grade

  • TBA

Vice President, 7th Grade

  • Melissa Trinidad

Vice President, 8th Grade

  • Malaysia Thomas


  • Bradley Keith Jones

  • Alexandro Sepulvada Nava

  • Janna Flores

  • Jewelyana Souvanh

  • CurJaila Payne

  • Emiliano Alejandro Texis

  • Yvette Mulkey

  • Riasa Ratcliff

  • 4 seats open to presidential appointment.

Student Assembly

  • Jordan Michelle Davis 8

  • Adrian Valerio 8

  • Jasmynn Shipp 8

  • Andrea Gonzalez 8

  • Rachel Westrup 8

  • James Swain 8

  • Melissa Perez 8

  • Adrian Chico 8

  • Jesse Cesario Contreraz, Jr. 7

  • Marco I. Macias 7

  • 5 seventh grade seats open to presidential appointment.

  • Ignacio Esquivel 6

  • Stephanie Rosales 6

  • Rodolfo Garcia 6

  • Christopher Castillo 6

Who is on the ballot?

What can I run for?

Want to help make laws? Any student can run for the Student Assembly. This assembly is half of the school's legislature (the law making group). It will meet at least every-other week after school. It has the power to pass or block new measures, remove students from office, and spend student money.

The number of seats in the Student Assembly is based on student population. This year, there are four (4) seats for sixth graders, seven (7) seats for seventh graders, and eight (8) seats for eighth graders.

Elections 2015 Timeline

October 19-27: Submit Candidacy. File a short form stating that you want to run for office. Forms will be available in the office.

October 26 - November 3: Campaigns. Get out the vote. Convince people to vote for you.

November 4-6: Elections. Cast your ballot for student government representatives, officers, and the new Rio Tierra Constitution.