Dress Code

Rio Tierra is a "uniform" school. Click here to see our uniform policy.

Life at Rio Tierra

Student vs. Staff Football, 2016

Possession and Use of Personal Technology

Users may possess or use personal technologies on campus (e.g. cell phones) provided that such devices are not used for illegal or unethical activities such as cheating on assignments or tests. All such devices may be used at the teacher’s discretion for instructional purposes only. Students should under no circumstances record or photograph others without their expressed consent. This includes publishing or posting such material online. Users who misuse or aid in the misuse of personal technology may be prohibited from possessing a mobile communications device at school or school-related events and may be subject to discipline. (BP 6163.4)

Principal's Message


Welcome to Rio Tierra Junior High School, a school that is raising its expectations so that every student will reach their fullest academic potential. We understand that you have entrusted us with the care, safety, and education of your student. The staff and faculty at Rio Tierra we are prepared to meet the challenge of educating your child during the short two years with us so they will be prepared to succeed in high school.

We teach our curriculum to State Standards and use assessment tools to guide our instruction. New teachers participate in a training program to learn instructional strategies, curriculum, and to hone their skills. Our school and the district give support to teachers to help them reach their greatest potential as educators and to give the students the best possible learning experience.

Rio Tierra Junior High School offers a wide range of learning opportunities. Students are placed in educational programs based on their needs and to best prepare them for high school. Some of the programs we offer to students are AVID, Special Education, ELL, Opportunity, and the After School Tutorial Program. We also offer several exploratory classes, such as Wood Shop, Music, and Choir. Rio Tierra Junior High School is very proud of its dynamic team of outstanding staff members and students.

Our students are placed in small "learning communities" which allows our teachers to better monitor the academic progress of their students during our weekly staff collaboration meetings.

We are also very proud of being part of the North Sacramento community. We invite you to get involved in our school. By working with the school we can prepare our students to be successful and responsible leaders of the future.

Paul Orlando Principal
Rio Tierra Junior High School